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Seismic Solutions provides a spatio-temporal high-resolution acquisition of natural and induced seismicity in different geodynamic situations. The exploration and/or storage of fossil fuels, the operation of enhanced geothermal systems, hydraulic fracturing, mining activities, but also landslides can trigger seismic events of varying in-tensity which need to be monitored and controlled. Seismic Solutions applies the method Nanoseismic Monitoring for seismic surveillance which is based on the installation of a few surface stations. We are able to realize a detection threshold similar to conventional seismic networks consisting of borehole stations by the use of advanced signal processing tools. Hence, we can offer our services to our clients with a high temporal and spatial flexibility at lower costs. Seismic Solutions offers considerable benefits, convince yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss your projects, or if you require any further information regarding the technique and our services.

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